We can retrofit the following:

  • Plug Slide Lowering Interlock Kit
  • Extended Hook-On Rod Slide
  • Rod Whip Arm Actuator Valve Upgrade Kit
  • Mast Lowering Interlock Kit
  • Remote Greasing Kit for Feed Rope Sheave Bearings
  • Rod Winch Snatch Block Secondary Retention
  • Metzke Breakout Rotating Mount Assembly
  • Breakout Dual Clevis Assembly
  • High Pressure Wash Down Water Pump Assembly
  • Auxiliary Hydraulic Pump Upgrade
  • Water Pump/Rod Handler Safety Isolation Bracket
  • High Pressure Hydraulic Filters
  • Rod Spin Safety Cage
  • Foot Clamp Guard (Upgraded)
  • Under Mast Foot Angle Drilling Rod Safety Guard
  • Double Cyclone Mount
  • Rod Bin Vernier Arm & Handrail Upgrade
  • Rod and Core Tube Pusher
  • Walkway Upgrades
  • Standard Mast Access
  • 5 inch Diamond Rod loader conversions
  • Hands Free Breakout
  • Rod Presenter
  • Tier 1 compliance
  • Certified FOPS