Australian Exploration Engineering is a privately Australian owned Pty Ltd company founded in 2009.

founding Directors

Dean Harrington


Dean has been involved with mineral exploration and drilling for over 25 years. Starting out as a Heavy-Duty Diesel Mechanic, Dean quickly identified his specialty field. Working with major drilling companies throughout the world, Dean has experience with many types of equipment including but not limited to Schramm, Hydco, Reedrill, Bucyrus, P&H, Drilltech, G&K, UDR and Sandvik. Dean’s specialty areas include drill rig and hydraulic system designing as well as compressed air systems, fault finding and trouble shooting.

Luke Prior


Luke began working in the exploration drilling industry as a Draftsman for drilling contractor Drillcorp in the early 1990’s. A qualified Mechanical Engineer with a curiosity for drill rigs, Luke moved towards his manufacturing career initially with AirDrill and UDR/Sandvik prior to AustEx in 2009. With valuable knowledge and experience gained working in the field, Luke has had input into the design, manufacture and modification of exploration drill rigs of many makes and models over almost three decades.

Marcel Every


Marcel began his career in the exploration drilling industry in the early 2000’s with UDR, later becoming Sandvik. With exceptional mechanical knowledge and lateral way of thinking ensures he plays a significant role in the designing of the AustEx product range of drill rigs and equipment. These same skills are used to improve and modify existing components all the time being cost aware and making sure that designs remain practical, usable and of course serviceable in the field. Marcel’s leadership skills make the AustEx workshop production schedule run as smoothly as possible.

Zak Jermyn


Zak comes from a strong trade background with two decades experience working on exploration drilling sites across the globe. Zak’s ability to trouble shoot and problem solve while working in extreme conditions and his extensive knowledge of the drilling and offsiding process make Zak and the team he leads the perfect operators to keep your drill fleets operating around the clock.

Management team

Adrian MazzuRra

Engineering Manager

Adrian began his career in 2005 with Sandvik (UDR/KL) and later moved to Boart Longyear (KWL) in 2007. In 2010 Adrian was hired as AustEx’s first design drafter when the company was beginning to grow. Now with over 15 years’ experience in the exploration drilling industry, Adrian manages AustEx’s entire Engineering department. 

Corey Wade

Workshop Manager

Corey began his career as an apprentice fitter with AustEx in 2011. 4 years later becoming a qualified tradesman, Corey quickly developed into the role of team leader. Corey’s ability to overcome problems and adapt to pressure situations, along with his in-depth drilling rig knowledge, has led him to progress into the Workshop Manager position.

David Rodman

Project Planner

David’s career began in 2006 with the Royal Australian Air Force as an Aircraft Technician where he spent the next 6 years working up to the rank of Corporal and trade supervisor. David worked in Australia and around the world specialising as a gas turbine engine operator. In 2011 he moved to Perth and started with AustEx. Initially hired as a drill fitter in the company’s infancy David managed the fitting and assembly department for several years.

David now coordinates and monitors the flow of products through the production cycle, assists with technical support and product development.

Spencer Harris

Supply/Sales Manager

Spencer has over two decades of sourcing and supplying parts and equipment for the exploration mining industry. He and his team have the knowledge to access and supply any part you may need to keep your drill rigs running and understand the urgency when a breakdown situation arises.

Stephen Donaghey

Fabrication Manager

Stephen began his career in 1996 with Veolia in the UK. After working for 14 years across Europe as Site Supervisor/Project Manager, Stephen moved to Australia. In 2010 Stephen was hired as one of AustEx’s first fabricator/welders when the company was beginning to grow. Now with over 11 years’ experience in the exploration drilling industry, Stephen manages AustEx’s entire Fabrication department.

Wendy Andrew

Business Operations Manager

Wendy started her career in the mining industry in 2007 as an Accounts Manager/Executive Assistant. In 2010 she began her employment with AustEx, initially a small business of less than 10 people. Wendy now works as AustEx’s Business Operations Manager where she looks after the overall general running of the office, accounts, payroll and human resources for over 60 staff. Wendy has a total of 14 years’ experience in the exploration drilling industry.