X1550 Multi Purpose Drill Rig Australia

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X1550 Multi Purpose Drill Rig Australia
X1550 Multi Purpose Drill Rig Australia
X1550 Multi Purpose Drill Rig Australia
X1550 Multi Purpose Drill Rig Australia


Our X1550 is capable of both Diamond Core and RC Drilling. This fuel efficient lightweight and very quiet Drill Rig comes packed with many Heavy Duty features as well as EH&S considerations. This Rig also comes standard with a Mast and Drillers platform, Safety rails, walkways, ladders and a Rod Spin cage. The acoustic pack keeps operating noise at acceptable levels at the same time keeping operating temperatures consistent. This Rig is sure to appease the most critical of mine sites when it comes to EH&S legislation. Variations to this Rig model can be done to suit your operating needs.


  • Double lattice mast structure, capable of 9 metre diamond rod pulls.
  • Heavy-duty dump plate with twin hydraulic cylinders providing 1.8 metre dump stroke.
  • Twin hydraulic mast raise cylinders.
  • Feed cylinder 6.5” bore x 3.5” rod x 3.75m stroke actuating 2:1 ratio travelling sheave system providing 7.5 metres of rotation head stroke.
  • Rapid head traverse speed (Retract 877mm per/sec)
  • Variable pull-back and pull-down micro fine feed control system.
  • 24,000 kg pull-back capacity with dual heavy duty 20mm pull-back ropes and dual 20mm pull-down ropes.
  • High capacity dual motor haul winch with limiter (23,000kg pull)
  • Wireline winch with spooler and brake (2400m of 8mm cable)

Rotation Head

  • AustEx 2 speed X1550 floating spindle drive head with heavy-duty hardened and ground gears.
  • Travelling head plate mounted to mast via nylon slides with side shift.
  • Denison M14 rotation motor providing 17,700 Nm of rotation torque in low gear.
  • 0 to 1500 rpm speed range.
  • Fully splined floating spindle with water slinger.


  • Rolled checker plate deck.
  • Design to suit crawler track frame or truck fitment.
  • Hydraulic stabilising jack legs fitted with counter balance valves.
  • Heavy duty A-frame and mast raise cylinder anchor points.
  • Australian standard safety access ladders and handrails fitted.

Power Unit

  • Cummins M11 diesel engine producing 400 horsepower at 1800 rpm.
  • Hydraulic pump group direct coupled to rear of Cummins engine consisting of:
    • 1 x P16 piston pump (400 litres/minute @ 4350 psi)
    • 1 x Triple vane pump.
    • 1 x Parker triple gear pump.

Control Cabinet

  • Pressed steel drillers control consol with hinged opening doors on both sides.
  • 4 spool Rexroth 4M22 directional control valve bank:
    • Section 1 - Rotation
    • Section 2 - Haul winch
    • Section 3 - Wireline Winch
    • Section 4 - Fast Feed
  • 7 spool directional control valve bank # 1:
    • Section 1 - Left Hand Rear Jack Leg
    • Section 2 - Right Hand Rear Jack Leg
    • Section 3 - Left Hand Front Jack Leg
    • Section 4 - Right Hand Front Jack Leg
    • Section 5 - Mast Raise
    • Section 6 - Mast Dump
    • Section 7 - Spare
  • 7 spool directional control valve bank # 2:
    • Section 1 - Fine Feed
    • Section 2 - Spare
    • Section 3 - Head Slide
    • Section 4 - Break Out
    • Section 5 - Cabinet Extend
    • Section 6 - Rod Clamp
    • Section 7 - Spare
  • 7 spool directional control valve bank # 3:
    • Section 1 - Spare
    • Section 2 - Boom Slew
    • Section 3 - Boom Lift
    • Section 4 - Rod Winch
    • Section 5 - Lower Rod Support
    • Section 6 - Spare
    • Section 7 - Spare
  • Infinitely variable fine feed flow control valve.
  • Infinitely variable pull down pressure control.
  • Infinitely variable hold back pressure control.
  • Engine is monitored via Murphy Power View.
  • Gauges:
    • Engine - Murphy Power View.
    • Down Hole Pressure.
    • Hydraulic - Main System Pressure, Pull Down Pressure, Hold Back Pressure, Cooler Fan Pressure, Auxiliary Pressure.
  • All items on control console fascia labeled.


  • Double element filtration for engine.
  • 450 litre capacity hydraulic oil tank with level sight glass and return & case drain filtration.
  • Hydraulic pressure filtration.
  • Engine and pump Acoustic pack
  • Mast access platform with hand rails.
  • FMC L18 (65 gpm) piston water pump.
  • 24 volt electrical system including heavy-duty battery box and emergency stop buttons.
  • Safety guarding to moving components.
  • Fold up driller’s platform.
  • All fabricated components sand-blasted prior to painting. All components primed and top coated with high quality 2-pack urethane paint in the customers colour of choice.

Operational Options

  • Multipurpose Drilling
  • Dual engines to power compressor and hydraulic systems.
  • Single large engine to power compressor and hydraulic systems.
  • Rod handler and rod bin can be fitted.