Our Management Team

Dean Harrington

Technical Manager/Rig Enquiries

For the past 19 years Dean has been involved with Mineral Exploration and Drilling. Starting out as a HD Diesel Mechanic Dean quickly identified his specialty field. Working with major drilling companies throughout WA Starting with Drillcorp Dean has been exposed to many types of equipment including but not limited to Schramm, Hydco, ReeDrill, Bucyrus, P&H, Drilltech, G&K and UDR. Dean’s specialties areas include Drill Rig and Hydraulic system designing as well as compressed air systems, fault finding and trouble shooting. As part of AustEx Dean feels he has finally found the opportunity to offer all of his skills and knowledge to everyone involved in the Exploration Drilling industry all the time giving our customers the best technical advice possible.

Zak Jermyn

Field Service Manager

Zak comes from a strong trade background with over 12 years experience working first with Drillcorp and later on Exploration Drilling sites with companies on three major continents of the globe. Zaks ability to trouble shoot and problem solve while working in extreme conditions make him and the team he leads the perfect candidates to keep your Drill fleets operating 24/7 This combined with Zak's knowledge of the Drilling and Offsiding process guarantees you a service from someone that knows the industry very well.

Luke Prior

Engineering Manager

Starting in the industry with Drillcorp as a Draftsman Luke quickly understood the fundamentals of Drill Rig operations. The curiosity for Drill Rigs and the way they were designed and built gave Luke a great platform to begin his Design and Manufacture career. With the valuable field experience that Luke gained combined with good schooling Luke has had valuable input into the design, manufacture and modifications to Exploration Drill Rigs of many makes and models over the past 19 years. This knowledge and experience has proven time and time again that the products Luke designs are simple, practical and usable and most importantly, easily serviceable.

Marcel Every

Production Manager/Drill Rig Sales

As a tradesman Marcel began his days in the Drilling industry at UDR (Universal Drill Rigs) and soon became familiar with all makes and models of many production Drill Rigs. Marcel's exceptional mechanical knowledge and lateral way of thinking has allowed him to develop his skills in trouble shooting, commissioning as well as playing a major role in the designing of the AustEx product range of Drill Rigs and equipment. These same skills are used to improve and modify existing componentry all the time being cost aware and making sure that designs remain practical, usable and of course serviceable in the field. Marcel’s leadership skills make the AustEx Workshop Production Schedule run as smoothly as possible. With a team of almost 50 Floor staff Marcel feels we can commit to any job that is presented to us.

Spencer Harris

Supply & Sales Manager

With 15 years of sourcing and supplying parts and equipment for the Exploration Mining Industry there isn’t much Spencer doesn’t know about Drill Rig Parts and components. Initially working with KL DrillRigs in the late 90’s and later UDR – KL and then SANDVIK, Spencer is very well known in the industry for his detailed knowledge of many different Drill Rig types and his ability to source components and ship these parts, not just within Australia, but to Drilling companies globally. Spencer and his team have the knowledge to access and supply any part you may need to keep your Rig's running.

Adrian Mazzura

Senior Design Draftsman

Wendy Andrew

Administration Manager